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The Best Value

We’ve been partnered with ARENA since 2012. At Necker’s we’re all about the best value. That’s what we strive for in our store and that’s what we look for in our partnerships with local businesses. With ARENA you’re getting the Best Value. They handle just about anything and everything IT-related. If something is wrong, they’re on it in a matter of minutes. They’ve been instrumental in our new updated software and server. They are innovative and suggest novel ideas that have helped us grow in the way that we use computers and technology. We like being on the top end of service. ARENA makes us feel like we’re their priority.


Tod Kull
Necker’s Jewelers

Couldn’t be happier

We can’t afford to have our computer systems fail, operate inefficiently, or slow us down. The team from Arena have been taking care of our systems for several years now and we couldn’t be happier with their service. They make sure we’re always up to date and running smoothly while being protected from outside threats, viruses, or other malicious software. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for peace of mind with their information and technology needs.


Ryan M. Hornbuckle, P.E., LEED AP,
VP Engineering Hornbuckle Heating & Air Conditioning

One call or e-mail and the problems get resolved…

Arena Computer Consulting will tell you the truth and give you real solutions that work the way they are supposed to. I cannot say enough good things about them!” We used to wait till we had a “Big List” to call for help. Now instead of waiting, one call or email and get the problems resolved the same day! What a difference!

I appreciate the seamless and quick response to requests. The response time is excellent, as well as the follow through to resolving issues.


Nancy Hill,
Mills Chevrolet

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Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of reasons why businesses in and around Quad City area come to Arena Computer Consulting:

  • Custom services - We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Your business is unique, and our services are, too.
  • Flat monthly fee - Pay only a flat rate that allows you to better control and predict your budgeting.
  • Top-notch solutions - We use industry best practices and only the most trusted tools.
  • Prompt support - All you have to do is call and our technicians will be ready to work.
  • Proactive approach - Say goodbye to break-fix models, and hello to optimized technology.

About Arena

We started with enterprise contracts and expanded to small- and medium-sized businesses around the area. Over the years, we have evolved with our customers, but the principles of our Managed Services remain. In recent years, we have partnered with some of the world’s best security product manufacturers and software companies, allowing us to provide a full suite of security products.

We understand that business owners already have so much to do, and they barely have time to manage their technologies. Additionally, keeping computers online and streamlining the network can be quickly undone by not having great security. That is why, with the help of our expert security specialists, we leverage security and Managed Services solutions to position our customers for success.