How fast can you get back on track in the event of a disaster?

Company data is what keeps businesses running -- all business owners know that. However, not many realize that it doesn’t have to take a major disaster to bring your business to a halt. Most of the time, it’s the small, localized problems that cause the most harm.

Can your business survive “minor” breakdowns due to a tree falling and knocking down nearby power lines? What about a lightning strike or data theft? With Arena Computer Consulting’s Disaster Recovery Planning service, you get a comprehensive strategy that includes planning, prevention, and protection.

Our service has you covered with:

  • Business continuity planning - tailored according to your business’s needs
  • Data backup and recovery - protects your mission-critical data
  • Fast recovery of files and email - so you can get back to business quicker
  • Virtualization of failed servers - downtime that lasts only hours, instead of days
  • Remote offsite storage - ensures data security and compliance
  • Cloud-based archiving - more cost-effective and dependable than tape backups
  • 24/7 monitoring and management - ensures data integrity

Don’t become a part of the 93% statistic that went out of business after 5 five years of suffering data loss.